Learn to play the Nyckelharpa from scratch at home, at your own pace

Jantien Schaap will teach you how to play your Nyckelharpa more beautiful in no time, even if you are a complete beginner and never played a Nyckelharpa before!

The secret of playing the nyckelharpa is all about ... the bow!
Of course you will have to master the notes and the keyboard as well, but your bow is what will make the music!

How it works

Video lessons

As a member you will get unlimited access to great video lessons that will teach you all about:
holding the Nyckelharpa, proper bowing technique, navigating the keyboard, playing chords, maintaining and fixing your instrument and how to study a musical piece

Personalised video lessons

When you are ready for it, you can record a video of yourself playing your Nyckelharpa and send it to Jantien.

Jantien will respond with a personalised video lesson based on your playing, which will quickly improve your playing.

NyckelHarpa Emergency Service

Although you will get video lessons on how to maintain and fix your Nyckelharpa, sometimes you need a bit more help and support.

In case of an "emergency" like a broken string or sticky keys, Jantien can guide you to do the maintenance or fix a problem yourself by "looking over your shoulder" via Skype.

Study materials

In addition to the video lessons, you will get access to additional study materials like chord sheets and scores.

You will learn a lot of great and fun tunes from different European folk traditions (including Swedish) and classical music.

About Jantien Schaap

Jantien Schaap is a Nyckelharpa player and teacher living in the north east of the Netherlands, close to German border.

Inspired by the folk and classical music of the north, east, west and south of Europe, and driven to play different styles on her Nyckelharpa. She uses elements from all these different styles of folk, folkdance and classical music as teaching tools.

Jantien plays a three row Nyckelharpa and a soprano harpa with continental tuning, both built by Nikolai Marks

Jantien Schaap playing Nyckelharpa in the snow

Membership plans

For a limited time you get a discount on all membership plans!

3 month plan

(normal price €99)

  • Video lessons: unlimited access
  • Study materials: unlimited access
  • Personalised video lessons:
    2 times
  • Nyckelharpa Emergency Service:
    1 emergency
6 month plan

(normal price €179)

  • Video lessons: unlimited access
  • Study materials: unlimited access
  • Personalised video lessons:
    6 times
  • Nyckelharpa Emergency Service:
    2 emergencies
12 month plan

(normal price €299)

  • Video lessons: unlimited access
  • Study materials: unlimited access
  • Personalised video lessons: unlimited
  • Nyckelharpa Emergency Service:
    6 emergencies

* the discount will be available for a limited time only and applies to the first payment period of the membership subscription

Already a member?

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Nyckelharpa rental service

Students of Jantien that live in or close to the Netherlands can rent a Nyckelharpa.

The Nyckelharpa rental service is especially interesting if you:

  • want to try a Nyckelharpa before buying one
  • are saving money to buy a Nyckelharpa
  • are too impatient to wait until your builder has finished your instrument

Private lessons

Jantien gives "offline" private lessons on a regular basis at different locations in the Netherlands.
It is also possible to follow private lessons via Skype.

Jantien can also come to your house for private lessons and is available for workshops.

Send an email to info@nyckelharpalessons.com to inform about private lessons or renting a Nyckelharpa.


If you have any other questions don't hesitate to send an email to info@nyckelharpalessons.com
We will do our best to send you an answer soon as possible.


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